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SUISSE news Spring 2018 / May 2018

News about Switzerland and Canada (May 2018)
Philipp Gysling

A collection of recent, random articles about Switzerland and Canada! 

·        May 14, 2018
The two main French language dictionaries (Petit Larousse and Petit Robert) are releasing their respective 2019 editions. This article from Capital highlights a few Canadian and Swiss idiosyncarcies: [in French]

·        May 13, 2018
TravelPulseCanada is featuring Zurich not only as a great hub for connections elsewhere but also, and primarily, as a destination in its own right.  Air Canada is launching direct flights to Zurich from Vancouver on June 7th, 2018:  

·        May 12, 2018
Young Canadian highwire artist Laurence Tremblay-Vu crosses the Rhine in Basle. He walked across the 190 m steel wire at a height of 25 m in 30 minutes. See the video on the website of le Matin:

·        May 12, 2018
A commentary on GlobalNews about the Pro Life movement in Canada. Interesting fact, despite more liberal abortion laws in Switzerland, the abortion rates there (5 per 1,000) are significantly lower than in Canada (13 per 1,000 women).

·        May 11, 2018
The Toronto Sun highlighted some culinary and viticulture jewels on the shores of Lake Geneva in this recent article: 

·        May 10, 2018
Ryan Reynolds thinks that Canada deserves to be part of the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC)!! After all, Céline Dion won it for Switzerland a while ago. Follow the link below to the video: 

·        May 7, 2018
Nestlé talking over supermarket sales of Starbucks branded coffee; the privilege cost approximately CAD 7 billion.