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SUISSE news Winter 2017 / January 2018

Let Nature Treat Your Wounds
Charles Piwko


We all experience wounds in one form or another during our life. If it is scratching our skin when not paying attention, burning ourselves while cooking or being too long in the sun, or just cutting ourselves when we try helping in the kitchen.

People figured out already many years ago that nature can heal wounds. For example, in India, neem oil is successfully used as traditional medicine for wound treatment. The use of this plant has started long before the invention of pharmaceutical manufacturing. Also St. John’s Wort oil is successfully used for many years in the wound treatment, as documented in the 15th century, by the famous Swiss doctor Paracelsus.
Neem Tree + Hypericum Perforatum (St. John's Wort) = Wound Spray

The Swiss company PHYTOCEUTICALS recently launched a 100% natural, plant based wound Spray (WOUND). WOUND, a medical device, is a specially formulated combination of St. John's Wort oil, Olive oil and Neem oil, utilizing the synergistic effects of these ingredients.

WOUND, an all-in-one wound treatment is suitable for the self-treatment of abrasions, cuts, burn wounds, blisters, herpes labialis, ingrown nail wounds, athlete’s foot rush, cracked heals, skin defects associated with different types of skin disorders, and much more.

WOUND was shown to support the physiological wound healing by keeping the wound environment moist and by providing antimicrobial effects, while at the same time being protective and promoting skin regeneration. For any wound that can be rinsed with clean water or a physiological saline solution, WOUND will take care about the rest of the wound healing process.

As WOUND is a spray, it provides a very simple and painless wound treatment. We are excited to announce that WOUND is now also available in Canada. For more information or to find our wound guide please visit

Scars/Stretch Marks

Besides many reasons, sometimes also nicely healed wounds can leave scars. Kelosoft®, a henbane-based cream, developed and manufactured by Geistlich Pharma AG, a family-owned Swiss company with a150-year history, has been shown over the last 30 years to make scars smoother and paler, reduce itching and soften scars. Historically, the henbane plant was used in medicine for its healing and soothing properties.

Kelosoft® is recommended for use on new injuries after two weeks, once wounds are completely healed. It works on all sizes, types and ages of scars, including keloid, atrophic and hypertrophic scars that are already years old, with clinical research showing gradual fading and reduction in size after sufficient treatment.
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Dr. Charles Piwko