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SUISSE news Winter 2017 / January 2018

SCCC News (January 2018)
Alexandra Soriano

President's Message

Dear Readers, 

Welcome to our Winter Edition of SUISSEnews! I hope that you had a good start into 2018.

Every time it snows in Toronto, it reminds me of Switzerland. My most cherished winter memories are the days when I was ski racing in Switzerland, and more recently, when heli-skiing in deep powder in British Columbia.

While many ski resorts in Switzerland are facing challenges mainly due to climate change, others have found a solution in the Magic Pass. And this winter, they have had it all: great snow conditions and an extraordinary response to the offer launched for the first time for the 2017/18 ski season.

Behind the Magic Pass, which provides access to 25 ski resorts in Switzerland, the face of the Swiss ski industry is changing.  With a starting price of CHF 359 for an entire season, the public has found its way back on the slopes with 84,000 Magic Passes sold within a few months. A successful marketing operation with revenues totaling 43% of the global income for the participating ski resorts. Is there any competition between the 25 ski resorts? Not really, the most important factor being that the public has fallen in love with winter sports again.

In this first edition of our 2018 e-newsletters, you will discover in-depth analysis and comparison of the ski and winter tourism industry in Canada and in Switzerland.

We hope that you will enjoy reading our topics. If you wish to share your winter sports experiences with us, please join us for our annual fondue dinner on February 21st at Le Marché restaurant in Toronto. You can register online here.  


Alexandra Soriano
SCCC President

New Personal Members

  • Andreas Hug
  • Christine Nyffenegger, Glencore
  • Vlasios Halicoglu