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SUISSE news Fall 2017 / October 2017

Travel News (Novemer 2017)

8 must-dos this fall

Follow these tips and make your fall in Switzerland golden.
  1. Start the day with a beautiful sunrise on the Rigi
  2. Crack questions to lift the lid on the secret of the terraced vineyards in Lavaux
  3. Visit Europe's only glacier waterfall that is accessible underground
  4. Experience the untameable power of the Rhine Falls up close
  5. Marvel at the autumnal panorama from the train on the Grand Train Tour
  6. Count the 39 tunnels and 55 bridges on the Albula railway adventure trail
  7. Follow the trails of the erstwhile marine animals on Monte San Giorgio
  8. Inspect the Rolls-Royce Phantom 1 from all sides at Grandson Castlee