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SUISSE news Fall 2018 / August 2018

Caotina – Switzerland’s Number One Chocolate Drink Mix

Only the finest Swiss chocolate and high-quality cocoa combine to create the tempting taste of Caotina. WANDER AG, the producer of Caotina, sources UTZ certified cocoa. UTZ means "good" in a Maya language. Through the UTZ program farmers grow better crops, generate more income and create better opportunities while safeguarding the environment and securing the earth's natural resources. Other additional selected ingredients are also used, including over 50 years of love and passion for making this chocolaty delight. It’s really no wonder that no one can resist this recipe, which is beloved from Switzerland to Canada and all the way to Indonesia. In fact, each year nearly 150 million cups of Caotina are enjoyed, which is reason enough to properly get to the bottom of this tasty treat’s secrets.

The history of Caotina began during the bitterly cold winter of 1963. The winter was so cold in fact that Lake Constance froze and the people of Switzerland longed for just one thing: Something to warm their hearts and spirits. And it was during this particular winter that Caotina burst onto the scene.  “ Something new, something fine – for her, for him... for everyone! “  This was the very first slogan for the sensuously sippable beverage made from the finest Swiss chocolate.  Caotina is a fantastic choice for moments of pure indulgence at any time of year!  It is a perfectly balanced blend of premium ingredients brought together in delicate powder form that quickly and easily dissolves in hot or cold milk. No wonder that the successful history of Caotina continues today, just as it began so many years ago.

Inpressive numbers support just how popular Caotina is throughout the globe: Originating in Switzerland, Caotina is a treat for cocoa-lovers in over 20 countries with around 4.2 million 500-gram cans of Caotina sold every year (to be exact). That’s 2,000 tons of the finest cocoa powder with real Swiss chocolate!

Back in 2014 we reviewed Nielsen figures, conducted a consumer behaviour study and hosted a Caotina taste test research.  The positive results were the decision bases for WANDER to launch Caotina in Canada. The results showed a fairly similar consumer behaviour as in Switzerland and the market figures indicated potential for a quality chocolate mix drink. Caotina started selling to the Canadian consumers in March 2015. Distribution was first build in Ontario and along the East Coast. Since September 1st 2018 Caotina is now also available at Safeway / Sobey’s in Western Canada as well as all Sobey’s stores Nationally.

Caotina can be purchased at Sobeys, Longo’s, Denninger’s, Highland Farms, Coppa’s and many other retailers.  For more information on where you can buy Caotina – contact TFB at 905-940-0889 or email us at