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SUISSE news Fall 2018 / August 2018

Perskindol Classic Gel – the Iconic, Swiss Topical Pain Relief is Finally Available in Canada
Charles Piwko

Perskindol was first introduced in Switzerland in 1981 by an enthusiastic tennis player. Since then Perskindol has been successfully used by thousands of amateur and professional athletes, across Europe and Asia, to enjoy carefree exercise, manage muscle and joint pain, and to reduce the risk of injury during daily activities (prevention). Perskindol is all natural and paraben free and can be used by EVERYONE who like to keep moving.

Perskindol combines pharmacological and non-pharmacological approaches to managing acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain. Perskindol contains essential oils which provide a triple action:

  1. Cooling effect – soothes inflammation
  2. Analgesic effect – relieves pain in a targeted manner
  3. Heating effect – enhances recovery
Perskindol is very well tolerated and can be used multiple times a day for longer term treatment; also safe for use on children over 4 years.

When should Perskindol be used?
  • Muscle cramps / aches
  • Muscle pain
  • Cervical or lumbar pains
  • Rheumatic pain
  • Bruises
  • Before / after sport
How should Perskindol be used?
  • Apply several times a day on painful body areas
What will you feel?
  • Immediate cooling effect
  • Smelling the natural essential oils – “olfactory aromatherapy”
  • Heating effect

Perskindol is manufactured in Switzerland by VERFORA AG, which is part of the Galenica Group, an integrated healthcare provider, and distributed in Canada by Narimya Pharmaceuticals Inc. 

For more information, to receive samples or to order Perskindol, please visit Perskindol is also available at participating Running Room stores (see store locator on the website) and will be available at Rexall pharmacies, starting September 5, 2018.

Please contact us should you have any question at:

Dr. Charles Piwko