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The following info suisse issues are available online.

info suisse Winter 2017info suisse Winter 2017
info suisse Fall 2016info suisse Fall 2016
(The Arts / Les Arts)
info suisse Summer 2016info suisse Summer 2016
(Start-Ups and Innovations / Start-Ups et Innovations)
info suisse Spring 2016info suisse Spring 2016
(Trade / Commerce)
info suisse Winter 2015info suisse Winter 2015
(Architecture and Design)
info suisse Fall 2015info suisse Fall 2015
info suisse Summer 2015info suisse Summer 2015
(Sports 2015)
info suisse Spring 2015info suisse Spring 2015
(Economic Perspectives 2015)
info-suisse December 2014 -January 2015info-suisse December 2014 -January 2015
(Education and Training)
info-suisse June-July 2014info-suisse June-July 2014
(Green Technology)
info-suisse April-May 2014info-suisse April-May 2014
(Swiss Business Hub)
info-suisse February-March 2014info-suisse February-March 2014
(Economic Outlook)
info-suisse October-November  2010info-suisse October-November 2010
info-suisse April-May 2010info-suisse April-May 2010
(Climate Change: A Risk to Business and Society)
info-suisse June -July 2009info-suisse June -July 2009
info-suisse April-May 2009info-suisse April-May 2009