SCCC Swiss Canadian Chamber of Commerce (Ontario)



LETTE is an international law group specializing in the multi-jurisdictional practice of law. With offices in Montréal, Toronto, Paris, and Munich, LETTE is able to offer its clients a wealth of experience in various systems of law. In particular, our understanding of foreign legal systems means we are uniquely suited to providing advice in the area of cross-border transactions.

The focus of our practice is business law. We counsel clients on all matters relating to corporate/commercial activity, including incorporation, corporate reorganizations, corporate governance, the negotiation and drafting of all types of business agreements, corporate and public finance, domestic and international taxation and all aspects of mergers and acquisitions and securities law. We are also active in the areas of employment law, intellectual property law, business litigation, and commercial real estate law.

Our clients include corporations of all sizes and nationalities, as well as individual entrepreneurs. We regularly represent domestic companies doing business abroad and foreign corporations and individuals seeking to establish a business or to conduct business in new jurisdictions. In addition, we provide professional services to individual clients in areas such as estates and trusts, immigration, and taxation.

The staff and lawyers at LETTE are able to provide services in several languages, including English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. Many of our lawyers have been trained in more than one legal system.

While the early origins of the firm date to 1898, the modern history of the firm began in the early 1950s, when Raymond Lette, a lawyer from Paris, moved to Canada and helped establish Lette & Associés in Montreal. This was followed by offices in Paris, Toronto and Munich. LETTE has since its inception maintained close ties with the Swiss community. Raymond Lette was co-founder of the Swiss- Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Montreal and his involvement in the Chamber, whether as legal counsel, member, director, or officer, has been continued to this day by various members of the firm. Bernard Lette, Managing Partner of LETTE’s Canadian offices, served a term as President of the Toronto Chamber and currently acts as its legal counsel. Monica Schirdewahn has served on the board of the Chamber in Montreal for many years and is currently its Vice- President. The firm also acts as counsel to the Swiss Embassy in Ottawa and the Swiss Consulates-General in Toronto and Montreal, as well as to numerous Swiss-Canadian business corporations and professionals.

From left to right: Kevin A. Johnson, Patrizia Banducci, Barry Webster, Marianne Muller,  William G. Whittaker, Shumei Lin, Irene Lu, Taya Talukdar, Liz Relitzki, Hanna Song